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1 Deploying InternetArchiveBot on jawiki

1.1 What is InternetArchiveBot?

1.2 Why deploy InternetArchiveBot?

1.3 About InternetArchiveBot

1.4 Different configurations of IABot

1.5 The big question

1.5.1 Fully autonomous edits

1.5.2 User summoned bot edits

1.5.3 Direct page analysis with the tools

1.6 Discussion

2 Helping for Translation

3 Request for improvements of two articles

4 Translation

5 Request translation for two articles

6 Equestria Girls

7 Requesting Japanese articles on Ryukyuan coins.

8 柳谷清三郎 contradiction in dates

9 Most powerful Romanian warship of WW2

10 The Romanian Navy

10.1 Battles

10.2 More important warships

11 Need help about the OTRS permission

12 WikiScienceCompetition 2017

13 Request for verification of translations at translatewiki:

Deploying InternetArchiveBot on jawiki

Hello everyone on the Japanese Wikipedia. I am Cyberpower678, an administrator on the English Wikipedia and a bot operator. I have come here to ask if the Japanese community would welcome m:InternetArchiveBot and/or the tools that come with it. Before just asking the question, I will offer some background on the bot and the motifs for deploying this onto other wiki.
What is InternetArchiveBot?

InternetArchiveBot is a very sophisticated bot designed for the sole purpose of combating the ongoing problems of links dying. The bot is able to fully autonomously crawl through Wikipedia's article space and analyze links, that are formatted in various methods, and appropriately modify the wiki markup to preserve the sources used on articles. It uses a very reliable algorithm to determine if sites are dead or not. In addition to the advanced algorithms used to parse reference formatting, and checking websites, the bot is highly configurable to suit the needs of the wiki. I will touch more on this later. However, the bot does not have to be fully autonomous. IABot comes with a bunch of tools that editors can use, which can be found here. These tools let users report bugs found with the bot, help the bot improve it's reliability by letting users report issues with the bot's link checking abilities, finding more suitable archives the bot should use, and most importantly, provide tools where users can run the bot on a single page immediately as well queue the bot on a collection of user specified pages. So if the fully autonomous is not desired, these tools can still be a way to allow users to combat link rot.
Why deploy InternetArchiveBot?

The IABot project was started when the community wish list survey of 2015 had a proposal to introduce a global bot to repair broken links. The proposal made number 1 on the wishlist and thus this Phabricator ticket was created. This ticket is to track if there is consensus and it's deployment progress on this wiki. As of June of 2017, this project will hit the 2 year mark in its development.



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