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Permission for an anime poster

Dear editors! I expanded the Hungarian article about hu:Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale, which is now a good article. The only problem is that it doesn't contain any picture, because we cannot use any non-free imagine without permission. I tried to ask permission from Anime Limited and ⇒Aniplex, but I didn't get any answer, probably because I cannot reach the right person. Therefore, I'd like to ask help from someone, who would help me to ask permission for the film's poster in Japanese; I would be very grateful. Just in case, please ping me if you answer. Best regards, Bencemac(会話) 2018年2月21日 (水) 18:40 (UTC)Anyone? Bencemac(会話) 2018年3月14日 (水) 09:53 (UTC)@Bencemac, well... just use this one instead. スヰートぽい?) 2018年4月12日 (木) 13:19 (UTC)

@Veracious: We are using the logo already. :) The main problem is that if you take a look, you can see the article is long (which is great), however doesn't contain any illustration except that. Bencemac(会話) 2018年4月12日 (木) 14:51 (UTC)@Bencemac: Haha, yeah, i missed the logo, sorry. Can you just upload it "locally"? Like, at here? Because in Indonesian Wikipedia, we just upload it right away (without using WikiCommons). スヰート (ぽい?) 2018年4月12日 (木) 15:10 (UTC)We have to ask permission for every non-free imagine (fair use doesn't applicable on huWiki) and Commons is not suitable in this case, because we wouldn't get permission under free licence. In summary, I cannot use any copyrighted picture without permission. Bencemac(会話) 2018年4月12日 (木) 15:29 (UTC)@Bencemac: Hmm, i see... hang on. スヰート (ぽい?) 2018年4月13日 (金) 04:55 (UTC)

@ネイ: Sir, could you lend a help for this problem, please? スヰート (ぽい?) 2018年4月13日 (金) 04:55 (UTC)Getting back to @Bencemac: - How did you ask for permission? Like at ⇒Aniplex's contact page? Anime Limited does not seem to be the copyright owner so most probably will not work.--ネイ会話) 2018年4月14日 (土) 04:27 (UTC)

The ⇒film's and the ⇒offical SAO site doesn't have any e-mail address, so first I asked help from the offical Facebook site. After that, I wrote to Aniplex and Anime Limited (UK distribution); I haven't gotten any answer. In Aniplex's case, I used the previously linked contact page. Regards, Bencemac(会話) 2018年4月14日 (土) 12:22 (UTC)OK, in that case we might need to file a request in Japanese. Do you have some details on the permission needed for non-free images in huwiki? It is obvious that they will not grant a permission under free license, but we at least want to know what should be the license we ask for.--ネイ会話) 2018年4月15日 (日) 11:54 (UTC)Their answer should contain a statement about that they give us permission for using the picture(s) on the article/Hungarian Wikipedia. In summary, we need a short written permit, which contains ?we give you a permit“, ?you can use“ or something similar. We would use Jogvedett license, which contains the following English warning: ?This image is copyrighted and used here with permission. For the purposes of Wikipedia, this is a non-free licence. You should not copy the file without getting a permission for yourself.“ Thanks your help! Regards, Bencemac(会話) 2018年4月16日 (月) 08:20 (UTC)Just sent a query. Will provide some updates when there is a reply.--ネイ会話) 2018年4月16日 (月) 16:33 (UTC)No replies received so far. Just for your information.--ネイ会話) 2018年4月27日 (金) 15:36 (UTC)Noticed. If I am here already, can I help you (or the community) in any Hungarian-related question? If yes, feel free to ask. Bencemac(会話) 2018年4月30日 (月) 17:38 (UTC)

@ネイ: It was unsuccessful, right? Bencemac(会話) 2018年7月2日 (月) 09:09 (UTC)They never replied to me.--ネイ会話) 2018年7月14日 (土) 06:50 (UTC)@ネイ: No problem. Thank you very much! Bencemac(会話) 2018年7月18日 (水) 11:29 (UTC)


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