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1 Help needed.

2 Suggest stub translation of en:J?r? Oka (founder of modern Japanese whaling)

3 For JAwiki expatriate users in Southern China: Meetup/Hong Kong/115

4 Help in subject

5 Permission for an anime poster

Help needed.

Hello everyone. I would like to write an article about Keita Kaneto. While looking for information, I found some results. Can someone tell me what results are that? Is this a Japanese championships or something like that? If it is the championships, then in what event they are? Diving has more than one event. Thanks in advance, ?yrafa?会話) 2018年1月17日 (水) 14:19 (UTC)The title of this list is "History of JAPAN SWIM Winners : Men - Diving".

Keita Kaneto(Nihon University)has won 4 times from 1986 (62) to 1989 (65).

Keita Kaneto(Mikihouse) has won 2 times at 1991 (67) and 1995 (71). --StrangeMist (a.k.a StrangeSnow / Talk) 2018年1月17日 (水) 16:38 (UTC)

Suggest stub translation of en:J?r? Oka (founder of modern Japanese whaling)J?r? Oka (27 July 1870 ? 8 January 1923)

Years ago I wrote en:J?r? Oka on English Wikipedia, and I'm still surprised there is no equivalent article on Japanese Wikipedia, since Oka is basically the guy who modernized whaling in Japan. Could someone take just 5-10 minutes and create a translated stub, even if just a couple sentences long with a couple citations from English, in hopes that the stub would be expanded here in Japanese? I'm sure there are many interesting things written about him in Japanese, so maybe creating a stub will attract more content? MatthewVanitas会話) 2018年1月28日 (日) 19:10 (UTC)Done as 岡十郎.--ネイ会話) 2018年1月30日 (火) 15:15 (UTC)
For JAwiki expatriate users in Southern China: Meetup/Hong Kong/115

Any JAwiki users who are Japanese expatriates in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and other southern Chinese cities are welcome to join the next Hong Kong meetup on February 24, 2018. More details here: meta:Meetup/Hong Kong/115

User:ネイ speaks Japanese and he will be happy to assist Japanese expats who come to the meetups :)

(If you want, ネイ, please translate this into Japanese!)

WhisperToMe会話) 2018年2月9日 (金) 16:51 (UTC)

Thanks :) Do you expect expatriates to come to Hong Kong directly, or will everyone gather at somewhere like Shenzhen and then cross the border together?--ネイ会話) 2018年2月10日 (土) 03:32 (UTC)

(以下、日本語の説明)2018年2月24日に香港でMeetupが行われます。香港のイベントなので英語版と中国語版が主体になりますが、日本語話者でも対応できますので、是非ご参加ください。なお、WhisperToMe氏は香港、深セン、マカオ、広州、珠海など主に中国南部在住の方に呼びかけていますが、当然ながら誰でもご参加になれます。ご質問はここで書くか、利用者‐会話:ネイまでお越しください。--ネイ会話) 2018年2月10日 (土) 03:32 (UTC)Thanks for the translation! As for expatriates, I guess the arrangement is up to them. There are many border crossing points possible (land routes through Shenzhen, the China Rail train from Guangzhou to Kowloon, and sea routes by ferry). If a group of Japanese expats in Shenzhen want to go together they can do that :)All expats from Macau and Zhuhai should take the ferry to Kowloon. IMO Japanese expats in Shekou (in Shenzhen) may want to take the ferry while those in Futian (in Shenzhen) may want to go to Futian Checkpoint and connect to the MTR there. Those in Guangzhou may want to take the China Rail Guangzhou to Kowloon train. Those in southern Guangzhou may wish to to take the ferry.WhisperToMe会話) 2018年2月11日 (日) 00:13 (UTC)



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