【Painter】I want to become a OH-TE no matter what 7241 at 2CHBOOK
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I want to become a major company because I can sell my soul to the devil no matter what my dirty hands
I want to earn a lot ・I want to be cheered on with a major ・I want to become a major whatever
A circle that regularly publishes such a glittering off book is a thread to talk about the coterie
Circles of various sizes and experiences
Let's go to Matari without fighting

【Prohibited matter】
・This thread is for drawing only, please do not write anything other than drawing
・No topics involving novels and writing
・No live commentary
・It is forbidden to give the name of other writers, circles, circles or individual writers.
・Because the style strikes, work strikes, and novelty strikes will also be rough, let's stop
・It is not prohibited to aim at a major company by doing 175, but 175 consultation is a dedicated thread
*Next thread is >>20, please stand after the declaration.
*If you can not stand, please specify anchor
*For daily chats and prolonged discussions that are not related to coterie, please go to "I want to chat with anything"

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